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What We Do

Transforming Companies With Better Data, Analytics and AI

As a full-service analytics consulting firm, our goal is to make you successful. Consider EA your data and analytics partner anywhere on your journey. We’ll start with a strategy to align business use cases with your data. With a modern data architecture in place, you’ll be poised to compete and grow in new ways. Repetitive business tasks can be automated and new insights will empower you to see and do more.

Data and Analytics Consulting Services

Our three services – Advise, Build, and Enable – help you get started, implement with swift momentum, and manage your business intelligence solutions. We can even help with training your team or hiring staff.  


Fast-track your analytics while ensuring every step forward builds on the next. Our senior level Advisory practitioners have been there and done that with all things data and analytics. Identifying and driving business analytics use cases is the first step. Then identifying the best technology solutions available today, balanced with tried-and-true best practices and industry-tuned common sense, ensures an action plan that meets your goals and drives real business value. 

What it may include:  

  • Strategic Assessment
  • Roadmap
  • Organization Design
  • Data Monetization
  • Analytic Proof of Value
  • Marketing Innovation
  • Sales Optimization
  • Interim CDO
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Data Scientist Engineering

Turning a strategy into a real-world solution requires serious technical capability, along with modern, lean methodologies and a strong business understanding. Our experienced, high-performing teams use agile approaches to accelerate implementation and value.

What it may include: 

  • Modern Cloud Data Solutions
  • Data Science: AI, Machine Learning, Automation
  • Actionable Insights, Visualizations, Reports
  • Master Data Management
  • Data Enablement & Governance
  • Sales & Marketing Analytics
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So you’ve achieved a data-driven organization. Now what?  Our customized services can support your modern data solution – and also evolve it to meet your changing business needs. With ongoing management of your data and analytics capabilities, you’ll take your operations to the next level while increasing the value of your investment. 

What it may include:

  • Managed Services
  • Managed Innovation 
  • Analytics-as-a-Service
  • Organization Enablement – mentoring, upskilling and placement services
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Our capabilities span the breadth and depth of data and analytics, ensuring that you get a solution that meets your specific need – and sets the stage for the future.

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The heart of a data-driven organization. We can provide self-service analytics, embed analytics into business processes, and integrate analytics with data science, all while lowering the total cost of ownership.

We leverage major analytical tool sets to align the right technology for specific business use cases, with best practices for implementation applied along the way. 

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Data Governance

Data Governance is the alignment of people, processes and technology to support ownership, definitions, requirements and value to support any MDM, Metrics or Data Management program.

Structuring governance, embedding it into your culture, and driving compliance is essential for success and value. With our frameworks and accelerators, we can help customize them to your organization.

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Data Lakes & Warehouses

Your data management strategy sets the technology and architecture direction and helps evolve to the cloud. It also evaluates Platform or Software-as-a-Service options to align modern technology with specific use cases, so you only pay for what you use.

Our methodology and lean architecture approaches, accelerate value creation and reduce complexity and heavy data movement requirements.

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Data Science

After clearly stating a business problem, we work with you to develop a data science strategy that defines the approach to solving it, using supervised learning and unsupervised learning models with data, architecture and technology to support.

Every decision within your organization should have a model to help with insights, predictions and eventually automation of the decision process. This requires the right level of governance to ensure models are evolving with the business.

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Master Data Management

Whether Customer or Product or any other Master Data, integration and harmonization is critical for the organization to treat this data holistically and not based on the constraints of any one system.

Business use cases will help determine the approach, requirements, technology, and governance required to drive value from your MDM roadmap. With years of MDM experience, we can guide you through these decisions.

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